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Army veteran and farmer

Mickey Willenbring

Founder, Dot Ranch

Established in 2010 by US Army and Oregon National Guard Veteran Mickey Willenbring, Dot Ranch was one veteran's answer to the question of what comes after war. As a disabled combat veteran, I felt a strong call to return to my rural roots, and seek healing in the land and the unjudging presence of animals. With an extensive background in ecological restoration efforts and agriculture, it was just natural to start a pasture based ranch that specialized in heritage breeds. Joined by my child, and now by my husband, Dot Ranch is 100% family owned and operated. We provide a wide range of products including artisanal meats, eggs, hand tanned pelts, skulls, fiber products, and finished goods. All of our products are certified Homegrown by Heroes through the Farmer Veteran Coalition and the USDA, proving that your purchase supports a genuine military family run operation.

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Showing Gratitude on the Farm

November 22, 2023, 06:00 PM
Kelly Carlisle Mickey Willenbring